zaterdag 7 januari 2012

#5+6/365 Skyscarf

I'm a bit late with my update because I had some trouble with my circular needle. Something I've never experienced earlier: my Addi Click system needle broke... So now I'm back to a set of sockneedles.

And as you can see: we've had some kind of variety in changing skies, during the past days. Quite often with sun (glitter) and to my utter surprise it has not yet rained during my daily "look-up-moment". And we've had like 50 mm's of rain, 2 storms, wheather-alarms and breaking dykes since New Years Eve. So, the pearls (that I promised to include in my knitting whenever it rains) still remain in my cupboard.

Now that I've got a few cm on the needles, I measured and calculated that my "scarf" will be more than 3 m long. Also I'll be needing 8 (!) more balls of black...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. hee je gaat er al echt iets in zien! :D leuk zo :D

  2. Ja, nu is het goed te zien dat het wolkjes moeten zijn... En net nu begint het hier trouwens te regenen, zul je maar juist zien.