vrijdag 14 mei 2010

Knit and Felt-Slippers

Very Easy Knit and Felt slippers size 33

material: 2 skeins + a few meters of a 3rd skein of Eskimo colour nr. 18
needles: dpn's 6 mm, blunt needle

start with measuring child's feet. In this case, footlength is: 20 cm

- cast on 32 stitches
- knit 6 rounds stockinette stitch
- heel (choose a technique you like)
- go on knitting until the slipper has length of foot + 3 cm
- in my case that was 17 cm after the heel
- toe: *k5, k2tog; rp from * around. K 5 rnds. Next rnd *k4, k2tog; rep from*. K 4 rnds. Continue like this, working 1 stich and 1 rnd less, every time, until there are only a
few stitches left.
-cut yarn, draw tail through remaining stitches, pull tightly and secure

Knit the 2nd slipper just the same, and then: felting! Put the slippers in the washing machine together with an old towel and some washing-powder. With my washing machine the 40 degrees programme felts just perfectly. Are the slippers still to big after the first time? Do another one on 40 degrees. Pull them in shape immediately after taking them out of the washing-machine -as long as they are still wet you have influence!

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